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Is Your Business Faltering? The Answers May Be Here

No one who goes into business does so expecting to fail, but unfortunately, that is the outcome for many business owners. Several causes keep recurring in the many studies made into small business failures. These are bad management, failure to plan, lack of capital, the wrong business structure and failure to seek professional advice. Why do these businesses fail while others trade successfully for many years, providing employment for staff and financial security for the owners? After many years of experience

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What Does a Good Bookkeeper Need?

Bookkeeping is one of the occupations that is enhanced, rather than diminished, by computerisation. The development of accounting software removes the more tedious tasks and allows the bookkeeper to produce reports targeting specific cost centres on demand. This provides business owners and managers with the opportunity to correct problems before they become long term. Bookkeepers Still in Demand However, computerisation does not mean that bookkeeping skills have become redundant. In fact, skilled bookkeepers are in high demand, particularly in small and medium

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Get Professional Advice Before Structuring Your Business

Many small businesses start off as a one-person operation, often in the trades, as a mobile supplier of personal services or working from home. Others change hands because of a sale or some other circumstance. Regardless of how or why a person becomes a business operator, the structure of the business must be decided. There are compelling reasons for this, including legal and operational risks, tax obligations and protection of assets. As the business grows, the structure can be changed but this

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