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SMSF changes by Bill Shorten

How Labor’s Proposed Reforms to the Imputation System May Affect Your Self-managed Super Fund

A Self-managed superfund (SMSF) is hard work, but it provides you with freedom and control when it comes to your retirement savings. You’ve paid your taxes throughout your career and are looking forward to luxurious adventures in the work-free decades ahead. However, under Labor’s proposed reforms to the imputation system, a portion of that retirement revenue could be under threat. Labor’s proposed reforms would mean that some self-directed investors who currently claim a cash refund on unused imputation credits will

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Emergency Doctor

How To Grow Your Dental Practice

In order for a dental practice to grow, it needs to focus on how to attract new patients. A good place to start is by addressing your marketing ideas and promotions. Here are 5 marketing tips designed to help you grow your dental practice: Table of Contents 1. Provide an offer that tops your competition. 2. Create a referral and loyalty program. 3. Focus on improving the patient’s overall experience. 4. Make sure that your schedule is in order. 5.

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