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5 Bookkeeping Mistakes To Avoid This Financial Year

Does this sound familiar? You’ve worked all day and the kids are finally in bed. The dishes are still sitting there; you have a glass of wine in hand and a massive pile of papers in front of you. Just the thought of going through this pile has you reaching for that glass a little more than you should. It’s bookkeeping night. Suddenly, those dishes get done. Bookkeeping is a fundamental part of any successful business, and we all have

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Seven Tips For Investors This End Of Financial Year- Charter Partners In Brisbane

Seven Tips for Investors This End of Financial Year

It’s the end of the financial year. That time of year when you start the process of getting your records in order and gathering receipts before heading to the accountant. Here are some things to consider in order to help you capitalise on tax concessions and other opportunities this financial year. Property 1. Ensure all maintenance jobs are done before July 1st so they can be claimed as deductions for the 17/18 financial year (FY). Keep in mind that repairs

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