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Fixed-Price Accounting Services

Charter Partners started in 1932 as a humble accounting practice in Gympie.

How can you maximise your tax profits as your business grows?
Charter Partners is a reputable firm providing top calibre tax and accounting solutions in Brisbane, Gympie, Bundaberg and surrounding areas since 1932. We can help you legally reduce your taxes and maximise your profits while meeting your compliance requirements.

We provide the compliance expertise and support you need from tax accountants and CPAs, and we closely work with you in developing effective strategies and tax structures.
Through a broad range of accounting services, tax services and specialised technical advice, we ensure you pay no more tax than necessary.

Our tax and accounting services transform your figures into a realistic picture of your business. Our solutions become a powerful decision-making tool that guides optimisation, promoting overall performance and growth.

We focus on delivering broader outcomes that will help strengthen your business and build a strong foundation for ongoing success.

Fixed Price Accounting Services - Charter Partners In Brisbane

Some of the accounting and taxation services we provide include

  • Business Benchmarking
  • Business Valuations
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Computerised Bookkeeping Set-Up
  • Consolidation
  • General Purpose Financial Reports
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Negative Gearing
  • Profit & Loss for Sale Purposes
  • Project & Investment Evaluation
  • Special Purpose Financial Reports
  • Software Support (MYOB, QuickBooks)

Fixed Price

Knowing your accounting fees upfront, even before the work has commenced gives you peace of mind.

At Charter Partners, we value our clients’ trust and confidence and think you deserve to know in advance how much our services will cost and what it entails.
We introduced our Fixed Price Agreement (FPA), as our way of giving you greater control, continuity and certainty.
By giving you full control over your accounting costs, you know in advance, and can plan for, the investment required to ensure your needs, or the needs of your business, are taken care of.

Our FPA provides you with the following benefits:

  • Easy And Accurate Budgeting
  • Greater Efficiency – We Would not Bill you extra for tasks that take longer than expected to complete
  • More focus and a better outcome
  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing your fees up-front

How Our FPA Works

Before we begin working together, we let you know precisely how much the project will cost.
We establish a clear agreement at the outset, making sure the proposal will detail the services to be provided, the payment terms and the price.

If you have concerns with any aspect of the proposal you’re most welcome to discuss the agreement with us and raise questions you may have before work commences.
You’ll also benefit from unlimited support from our team, and you are always welcome to call us if you have questions or concerns.

Financial Accounting Business Report - Charter Partners In Brisbane

What Our FPA

A Fixed Price Agreement can be set up for any work with an estimated value of more than $500.
It can be applied to your annual taxation, accounting and compliance work, one-off projects or annual and ongoing fees for any monthly or quarterly work.

  • Milestones and key metrics
  • Objectives you want to achieve
  • Summary of the project
  • The value you will realise
  • Timing
  • Pricing and options
  • Terms and conditions

All services covered will be set out under the “Pricing and Options” section of your agreement. With us you can expect no surprises, no hidden charges and no unexpected fees or catches.

Get in touch with our tax accountants and CPAs. We service Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gympie and beyond.

Trust Account Audits

At Charter Partners, our team offers more than just assistance with accounting & taxation – we also conduct annual trust account audits, with timely and detailed reports issued to directly to the client.

Whether for a solicitor, real estate agent, debt collector or otherwise, our team handles every aspect of a trust account audit – ensuring the fund has been properly kept and managed in accordance with the wishes of the grantor. This is also done to protect the beneficiary who may not have yet received the assets.

Because these accounts are managed on someone else’s behalf, they are carefully scrutinised to ensure compliance with all current laws and regulations. Any irregularities or discrepancies will be noted and reported directly to the relevant body. Our reports are also given to the client for their records.

If you would like to book a trust account audit, talk to our team today.

How can we help you?

Knowing your accounting fees upfront, even before the work has commenced gives you peace of mind.

The team at Charter Partners works with you to ensure you meet both your statutory obligations and the needs of all stakeholders. We follow a unique process that involves identifying efficiencies and possible business improvements where we find them.

Our audit services in this area include:

  • Providing Access To Skilled & Experienced Auditers Who Will Ensure Your Trust Accounts Are Managed Correctly & In Accordance With Relevant Laws
  • Getting The Basics Right & Bringing Business Insights To The Picture, To Add Value Beyond The Financial Statement
  • Using An Audit Approach That Is Based On A Proven Methodology
  • Reinforcing Our Processes With A Commitment To Professional Integrity, Independence & Ethical Behaviour
  • Identify & Analyse Possible Business Risks
  • Invest In Advanced Technology To Assist Our Audit Teams In Providing Structured, Risk-focused Workflow
  • Support The Audit Process With The Application & Interpretation Of Accounting Standards
  • Identify Industry Trends, Issues & Insights That May Influence The Accuracy & Completeness Of Financial Statements
Key Financial Auditing And Statement Data - Charter Partners In Brisbane

Cost-Effective Audit Solutions

When you need an independent, cost-effective audit, the professional and experienced team at Charter Partners will make sure you are compliant and meet all reporting requirements.

In addition, we use simple and practical terms when making any recommendations for improvements, so it’s easier for you to control and manage your business.
If you have in-house accountants or a financial management team, we work closely with them to ensure the audit process will be as easy and seamless as possible.
We work in the background, causing little to no disruption to your normal activities.

Our certified audit professionals have high-level technical capabilities.
Combined with a client focused culture, you our clients receive seamless and cost-effective audit solutions that address their every need.

Get in touch with Charter Partners’ licensed tax accountants and CPAs in Bundaberg, Gympie, Brisbane and surrounding areas today.