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Anthony McPhee 21 Years Celebration - Charter Partners In Brisbane

21 Year Celebration – Anthony McPhee, much more than just a mild-mannered accountant.

Many of you would have seen that Anthony McPhee, the Managing Principle here at Charter Partners, celebrated 21 years of service at Charter Partners on 24 June 2019. During that time Anthony has overseen a lot of changes within the business and the industry. Significantly, he has been instrumental in driving a 400% increase in the revenues of Charter Partners, since becoming a partner in 2000, which has seen staff numbers grow from 10 to 40. Most of this growth

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Sound Financial Forecasts Best Protection Against Uncertainty

16/01/2017 by Lavina Webb There are several indicators that business owners and managers must monitor regularly in order to identify the factors likely to affect the viability of the enterprise. One of the most important, least understood and often ignored is cash flow. Without an understanding of its role in day-to-day operations, many otherwise promising businesses struggle and finally succumb when the economy takes a downturn. Cash Flow Does Not Equal Profit Cash flow is often confused with profit, but

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