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How Secure Is Confidential Information You Have Given Others?

At first glance, the concepts of open communication and confidentiality may seem at odds with each other. Communication requires a free exchange of ideas and conversation, while confidentiality by its very nature is a closed environment. However, the two can comfortably co-exist and in many situations, this is essential. A successful and healthy business relationship, for example, requires both. How do we know this? We are Charter Partners, a group of accountants and business advisors that has worked hard at

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Trust Can Be A Powerful Ally In Business

11/09/2015 by Charlotte Pegues One of the advantages business owners enjoy is the ability to make their own decisions. They express their creativity through the type of business they have chosen and the way they manage the day to day operations. The negative side to this equation is the personal responsibility they bear and the knowledge that ultimately, the success or failure of the business is in their hands. Build Networks of Trustworthy Support The support of a strong and

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Are You Gambling With The Long-Term Success Of Your Business?

For most of us, health, loved ones, finances and our careers are at the top of our “life’s most important priorities” list. We trust our doctors and health carers with our wellbeing, and we strive to succeed at work, so why would we leave our finances in the hands of strangers without checking their background and reputation? Established History and Proven Reputation are Excellent Indicators Business owners are particularly vulnerable in this regard. Choosing an accounting company to assist with

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Too Busy Working In Your Business To Plan For The Future?

Business owners are often advised to “work on their business and not in it” if they want to grow their profit and develop their people. Owners know that to do this they need to spend more time analysing and planning and less time on operational issues, but still find that they are doing tasks others could do. This leaves them little time to step back and take a long-term view of the future of their business. There are many reasons

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Formal Exit Strategy Needed To Save Thousands Of Businesses

There are countless people in our society who have worked hard for many years, establishing and running successful businesses through good times and bad. Their efforts have seen them provide work and advancement opportunities for others, develop new and innovative products that have improved standards of living, and established a legacy for their descendants. Why is it so hard, then, for many of these people to recognise that a time will come when they need to move aside and get

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Is It Important For Business Owners To Understand Accounting Terms?

For non-accounting people, many of the terms accountants use might seem like part of another language, but it is essential that small business owners have some understanding of the more common terms, and what they mean. This enables them to have meaningful conversations with their accountants, which can trigger ideas that could improve their businesses. Understanding Terminology Makes for Easier Conversations As accountants and business advisors, we offer services to our clients that are additional to preparing tax returns. It

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