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Five Points About Fringe Benefits Tax You May Need To Consider

It’s time for businesses to lodge their Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) returns. Here’s what you need to know for your 2017/18 lodgement and how to best prepare for next year’s FBT return. 1. Lower FBT Rate. The good news is that as of March 31st the FBT rate will be lowered from 49% to 47%. As part of the 2015/16 Budget, the Government introduced a temporary repair levy of 2% on individuals whose personal income was $180,000 and above and,

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WorkCover Queensland – Wages Definition Manual

Your accident insurance policy – which covers your business for the cost of any work-related injuries – is due for renewal. To ensure you are covered for another year, you need to declare your wages information by 31 August 2017. It is important to understand who you should cover for workers’ compensation and what wages you need to declare. WorkCover Queensland has made changes to the wages definition, increased the early payment discount and more, see below: What’s new this

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Is Your Business Faltering? The Answers May Be Here

No one who goes into business does so expecting to fail, but unfortunately, that is the outcome for many business owners. Several causes keep recurring in the many studies made into small business failures. These are bad management, failure to plan, lack of capital, the wrong business structure and failure to seek professional advice. Why do these businesses fail while others trade successfully for many years, providing employment for staff and financial security for the owners? After many years of experience

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