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Expert Business Guidance

Business owners in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gympie and beyond have relied on Charter Partners for finance and accounting-related matters since 1932.

An organisation that grows with the times, we have expanded our range of services to include solutions that are beneficial to entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses.

Our Business Mentoring Program introduces fresh ideas to organisations, helping leaders create and execute timely strategies for sustainable, profitable growth.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it’s imperative to run regular business health checks.

Identifying processes that can be optimised or strategies that you can bank on, can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Regardless of how often you run checks, there are risks that may only be identified when you enlist a specialist. Many concerns may require professional, unbiased advice to be resolved.

All business owners can do with a helping hand and some sound advice from time to time. Through our Business Mentoring Program, we provide the input necessary to help you gather your thoughts and move ahead.

Expert Business Guidance - Charter Partners In Brisbane

Blueprint for a Better Business

Your business mentor will not necessarily be your short cut to where you want to go. But certainly, they can certainly illuminate the path to success for you.

Ultimately, the value of having someone by your side to act as a ‘sounding board’ is immeasurable.

Our Business Mentoring Program gives you a fresh set of eyes. We dedicate a qualified Charter Partners mentor to your organisation who will take a good, hard look at each aspect of your business. We see things in a different way, challenge your thinking and hold the right stakeholders accountable.

Program Inclusions

Our program includes monthly or quarterly business mentoring meetings geared towards introducing a proven and structured approach to cash flow and business improvement. 
More than business metrics, it is designed to give you better insight into problems and decisions through impartial, objective discussion and provocative feedback.

Having a trusted adviser by your side will help keep you motivated and accountable each step of the way.

Fresh Perspectives and Solutions

We have all heard this line many times over: “But nobody knows my business like I do!” We acknowledge the truth in that.

But often you need someone who may not be as emotionally invested, or someone who isn’t blinded by the industry or by the years they have spent working on their business.

Having a business mentor can help you take a step back, look up from that rut you may find yourself in and see the ‘bigger picture’.

If you are serious about keeping your business ahead of the curve it pays to gain a fresh perspective. Because the truth is, sometimes there may just be a better way of doing things.

Working Process At Business Meeting - Charter Partners In Brisbane

Continuous Support for Sustainable Growth

Our mentoring program is not about asking for assistance only when there is a problem. It is about forming a trusting, long-term relationship with a caring professional who acts as a sounding board and supports sustainability in your business.

We designate a qualified Charter Partners mentor to your organisation who will provide:

  • Support to build a better business
  • Unbiased guidance, advice and direction
  • Objective feedback for ideas
  • Access to a wider range of expertise, skills and networks
  • Tools to identify needs and skill deficiencies
  • Absolute confidentiality

All of these, ultimately, will give you greater confidence and control when running your business.

Every business owner hits a wall now and then. That is why it’s important to have a ‘go to’ person, someone who will talk to you straight and shake things up a little.
At Charter Partners, we aim to be just that. We will be your sounding board and the industry expert who will provide you with objective advice that will steer your business in the right direction.