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Sound Financial Forecasts Best Protection Against Uncertainty

16/01/2017 by Lavina Webb There are several indicators that business owners and managers must monitor regularly in order to identify the factors likely to affect the viability of the enterprise. One of the most important, least understood and often ignored is cash flow. Without an understanding of its role in day-to-day operations, many otherwise promising businesses struggle and finally succumb when the economy takes a downturn. Cash Flow Does Not Equal Profit Cash flow is often confused with profit, but

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Woman Completing Tax Returns

Checklist: Everything You Need For A Tax Return With Rental Properties

Tax returns have a tendency of sneaking up on you, always leaving you feeling rushed to complete it. Filing taxes all alone can be an overwhelming task; tax returns are notoriously time-consuming and stressful. However, it is vital to your business that you complete these to the best of your ability. Figuring out how to obtain the best outcome from your tax return can also be tricky, but luckily there are a few places that you can start to try

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Why You Need A Bookkeeper In Brisbane

Why You Need a Bookkeeper

Has your accountant ever suggested hiring a bookkeeper to help you manage your business? This shouldn’t catch you off guard. Most people assume that accountants and bookkeepers handle the same job. Of course, they each deal with financial information but their approach differs, and both can offer valuable insights from different viewpoints. Accountants are able to analyse your financial data and give a financial forecast. Key services offered by accountants include issuing your business with profit and loss statements, filing tax

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Ways To Get More Profit From Your Business - Charter Partners In Brisbane

15 Ways To Get More Profit From Your Business

Sales or business development is the backbone of any business. Without sales, any business won’t have the capacity to operate, hire people or buy equipment. If your business can’t make profits that match your expenses there may not be a future for your business. Most people think cutting fixed expenses can help. Sure, it will, but for how long will you do that before it affects revenue generation which eventually affects your business’ ability to achieve the gross profit you

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Employee Share Schemes For Start-ups - Charter Partners In Brisbane

The Low Down On Employee Share Schemes For Startups

In a startup environment, it’s not uncommon to find employees who want to grow with your business regardless of the challenges that your business may be facing. Such employees get sold to your business’ idea and want to be part of the journey as they see potential growth. For such employees, rewarding them for sticking by your side through the hardships and for their dedication by using the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) method can not only help boost their morale

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WorkCover Queensland – Wages Definition Manual

Your accident insurance policy – which covers your business for the cost of any work-related injuries – is due for renewal. To ensure you are covered for another year, you need to declare your wages information by 31 August 2017. It is important to understand who you should cover for workers’ compensation and what wages you need to declare. WorkCover Queensland has made changes to the wages definition, increased the early payment discount and more, see below: What’s new this

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