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Self-Managed Super Funds: 5 Most Common SMSF Questions Answered

If you are starting to plan for your retirement, self-managed super funds can be a great way to maximise your savings and manage your money yourself, however, they can be a lot of work and require specialist knowledge. At Charter Partners, we provide a wealth of self-managed super fund services, and we’ve put together some answers to common questions you may have about superannuation and self-managed super funds. Table of Contents What is a self-managed super fund? Who can be

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How To Ensure A Swift And Successful Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-managed super funds (SMSF) are a way to save for retirement. They are usually established by an individual or family as a means of looking after their own super savings. The operative word (or words) is self-managed. An SMSF needs to be managed in order for it to be successful. It shouldn’t just be left – that is not really different to putting money into an interest-bearing savings account. Here are some expert tips from Charter Partners for a successful

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How Labor’s Proposed Reforms to the Imputation System May Affect Your Self-managed Super Fund

A Self-managed superfund (SMSF) is hard work, but it provides you with freedom and control when it comes to your retirement savings. You’ve paid your taxes throughout your career and are looking forward to luxurious adventures in the work-free decades ahead. However, under Labor’s proposed reforms to the imputation system, a portion of that retirement revenue could be under threat. Labor’s proposed reforms would mean that some self-directed investors who currently claim a cash refund on unused imputation credits will

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What You Need to Know Before Starting an SMSF

Are you one of the many Australians who are looking beyond industry and retail superannuation funds for a better long-term outcome regarding your retirement savings? Then you may be interested in starting your own self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). You probably already know that superannuation is an excellent vehicle for saving for retirement. It offers generous tax incentives to encourage people to think ahead, rather than relying on the aged pension. Establishing your own fund means making your own investment decisions,

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How To Have Your Own SMSF And Not Lose Any Sleep

17/12/2016 by Lavina Webb Over the last five years in Australia, the number of SMSFs (self-managed superannuation funds) has grown by 27% and the latest figures show that there are almost 600,000 SMSFs managing $624 billion or 30% of all superannuation. The other 70% or $2.11 trillion is invested in professionally managed superannuation funds. These funds are the default funds for compulsory superannuation contributions, with some performing better than others over the last ten years, but all having little involvement

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The Seven Deadly SMSF Borrowing Sins

If you commit one of these seven deadly sins, your limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA) can cost you dearly with double or even triple stamp duty, confusion over ownership and SMSF audit problems. Despite recent uncertainty, the government’s decision in the 2015 Federal Budget to leave superannuation alone for the foreseeable future means debt-funded property investing remains a viable strategy for SMSF investors. However, you may have been tempted by the self-proclaimed property guru offering to reveal the hidden secrets

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