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Is There a Safe Strategy to Building Wealth?

The ageing population keeps throwing out challenges to our society, not the least of which is how to fund a reasonable lifestyle in retirement without relying solely on the aged pension. With superannuation rules in a constant state of flux, there is a growing realisation that changes to legislation or eligibility rules can be introduced at any time, affecting plans to build wealth for retirement. Navigating these changes requires up-to-date knowledge of financial products and government legislation including the tax

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Analyse Your Way to Business Profitability and Learn New Skills

Your business has been operating successfully for some years, with reasonable profits each financial year that are relative to the overall state of the economy. Your staff members are competent at their jobs; customers comment on the quality of your products and services, and repeat business is solid. Have You Noticed Problems in Your Business? It is disconcerting then, when you realise that despite these indicators, the business is not growing at a rate comparable with competitors. Also, you notice

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Managing the Debt Drain – the critical issues for small business

February and March are traditionally the worst cashflow months for small business – the Christmas rush is over, the Business Activity Statement is due, and payments slow down with a dip in consumer spending. You might be okay but your customers could be under pressure and often whoever wields the most influence gets paid first. No one likes a late payer and two Government measures tackle the small business debt issue from different ends of the spectrum. We take a

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Does Your Business Need A Health Check? Get An External Expert

25/10/2016 by Lavina Webb Most of us are familiar with the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” which, of course, means getting so involved in minute details that you cannot see the bigger picture. In our everyday lives, this level of focus usually does not cause major problems. In business, though, when management gets too involved in daily operational matters at the expense of other issues, important things can be missed. The Big Company Advantage – The Aggregate,

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What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Accounting

10/01/2017 by Lavina Webb Unless you are already a qualified accountant who has just bought a business, as the owner, you would not be expected to have detailed knowledge of accounting principles. Most owners have only a passing understanding of how their accounts are generated. They rely on professional help from external accountants like Charter Partners or if the business is large enough, by experienced staff. However, there are some accounting terms and principles that every business owner should understand

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Struggling With Your Tax Obligations? There Is A Solution

03/02/2017 by Lavina Webb There are a number of different taxes that people working or doing business in Australia are obligated to pay, the most well-known being income tax, GST (goods and services tax), PAYG withholding tax, CGT (capital gains tax), FBT (fringe benefits tax) and company tax. There are others that apply to smaller sections of the taxpaying public, but suffice to say that the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) has information about all tax obligations on their website for

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