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Taxation Planning

Effective Tax Planning Solutions

Charter Partners creates tailored tax planning strategies that help individuals and organisations maximise the tax saving opportunities available to them.

We work to help you minimise your tax exposure and relieve you of the time-consuming administrative work involved.

We understand that lodging your taxes can be a minefield. There may be strategies that you used in previous years to gain tax breaks that may no longer exist. You need to stay up to date with tax law provisions, among other factors, so you know the best approach to use for a negotiation or settlement.

As experts in all areas of tax, we can provide you with tax planning services that result in significant savings and can save you from unexpected liabilities.

We understand your tax position, to ensure you’re minimising the tax you pay while maximising your profits.

We can help with all aspects of corporate and individual tax planning.

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Corporate Tax Planning

Regardless of the size, all businesses make complex transactions that can create significant tax implications. We can help you make sense of the complex tax implications associated with your specific business structure and grants.

We provide specialist advice on tax and transactions and provide further assistance through a risk review that incorporates information from all areas of your business.

Private Tax Planning

Our tax expertise and knowledge extends beyond business matters. We have the qualifications and experience required to help with individual tax issues.

Count on us to provide expert advice with your individual tax issues and tax implications in the event of divorce or death.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who must pay income tax in Australia?

In general, individuals who earn an income from salaries, commissions and other sources pay income tax. On the other hand, companies and trusts pay corporate tax on their annual income.
Company tax is calculated at a flat rate of 30% and slightly less for small businesses.


Who is exempt from income tax?

To be exempt from income tax, you need to meet certain criteria.
The current tax-free threshold for Australian residents is $18,200.


Is there a legal way to reduce my taxable income?

You may legally reduce your income in several ways. You may, for instance, make contributions to superannuation, maximise the co-contribution scheme or take advantage of small-business tax breaks, depending on your situation. Advisors and tax planners can help you keep track of the changing tax landscape and create strategies to legally reduce taxes.